Among the exciting live casino games, sicbo is one of the games that attracts thousands of players in Singapore and around the world. This is a relatively simple game and not too difficult with simple rules. However, if you want to win easily, then you need to understand the strategies, tips, shares and experiences from the experts. 

Because of understanding this, this article will share with you how to win online Sicbo.

Some experiences on how to win against Sicbo

Although online Sicbo is a betting game, it is not quite a game of luck to victory, it is mainly based on the computation of the players.

Therefore, the ways to win this game are mainly based on the player's own learning before and during the game.

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#1. Learn the rules of the game and how to play

To win this game the player must know the rules of the game and how to play in the palm of his hand. Understanding the rules of the game and how to play will help you learn and develop your playing strategies more effectively and reasonably. In addition, learn the rules very well so that you can apply strategies and methods to help increase your chances of winning. This will not take up too much player time. online casino Singapore

Moreover, knowing the rules and how to play also helps you not lose money and time because of unworthy reasons. For example: placing and according to the bet type with the highest payout, not placing on the bet type, thus being knocked off the game.

Players should keep in mind that Sicbo cannot be played without any information about this betting game in mind. So both dangerous and greatly affect their account. Please note this so that you do not have to make any unfortunate mistakes.

#2. Set a reasonable playing fund

It sounds ridiculous, but actually it makes sense! This is a real money betting game, not virtual money, so players need to be careful with what they spend.

There have been many players betting unconsciously, without calculating, looking at it to win a lot but in reality, the amount of profit is very small.

When starting to bet you must have the right calculation: the amount you bet is in line with the capital, whether the money here will bring back capital, whether to bet many types of bets at the same time?

#3. Set a reasonable playing time

Besides building a reasonable playing fund, time is also something that players need to build in the most reasonable way. Setting the right timing will help you know when to stop playing, when to keep trying.

Ideally, you should only play online games for 2 to 3 hours a day, which ensures both effective gaming while ensuring your health.

#4. The best bet is over / under

One of the best and safest bet options a player should choose is the over/under. The Over-Under is the bet type called the money-saving bet because it has the highest odds of winning the game.

If you do not want to choose or think too much, do not want to try many types of bets, do not want to lose a lot, you should choose this bet to bet. Each box in this bet type has a win rate of up to 50%, which is not only theoretically high and in fact players who have experienced it are also highly regarded.

The way to bet on this type of bet is also simple, you just need to move the betting chip into 1 of 2 boxes: bet on over ( a total of 4 - 10 point) or bet on under (a total of 11-17 point). 

#5. Learn and gain experience

To be able to win when joining Sicbo, you must have a lot of experience to deal with the dealer. However, if you are a new player, you will definitely not have much experience. The best way for you to accumulate a lot of knowledge and experience is to refer to the gameplay of previous players or refer to the article sharing tips and tricks.

Through this process, you can completely find interesting ways to play and ways to play with a high rate of victory for yourself. In addition, the reference will help to learn more practical experiences, which are successfully and effectively applied to be able to find the best playing method and suit you. This helps you create the greatest confidence when entering Sicbo, giving you a great advantage to win and defeat the house.


Above are tips to help you win online sicbo. These tips will make it easier to enter the game and win great prizes at online casino in Singapore and around the world. Hopefully, you can apply these methods to get the best prizes and wins! Good luck!

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